I’ll Take Hypnosis With a Side of Mediumship: A Journey from Atheism to Spirituality

Published: December 22, 2017
Author: Garry Gewant
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As I walked back into my office, Millie was quietly sitting and in front of my eyes, for the first time, I witnessed communication with the spirit world. However, this was not the spirit communication I had watched on TV with John Edward. I knew who this spirit was: I knew this was my father’s spirit. And I was spellbound.
I saw the hair on her arm literally stand straight up as I felt the hair on the back of my own neck do the same; chills literally went up and down my spine! It felt to me as if the temperature in my normally warm office had dropped by twenty degrees!
“I have your father here,” Millie told me in a quiet, far away voice. I also noticed that she didn’t ask me if my father had passed away… She knew he was in spirit!
“He is so strong! He wants to tell you so much.” As I was observing her, again, I could not help but notice the similarities between this psychic trance state and the hypnotic state I know so well. They seemed to be almost identical.
With her eyes almost closed, Millie started bringing through my father. “First he says how proud of you, he is.”
I so wanted to hear from him, but my cynical side was still going strong. Oh please… I thought. Every parent is proud of their kids. For me to believe, you’re gonna have to do better than that.
“He’s apologizing… for treating you the way he did,” she said. “He says he was never able to express love.” I felt a tear start to form in my eye, as she continued. “He has had to relearn, on the other side, what love is. He says that it has been him talking to you all these years.”
Oh my God! It’s what I have been hoping for. It has been Dad in my thoughts.
And she went on, “He says, he was at your wedding, after he passed into spirit… He was with you and your wife when ‘the boy’ and ‘the girl’ were born… He whispered in your ear that they were beautiful… He was there with you recently when you got the ‘birdie’?”
Millie explained that she didn’t know what he meant by a birdie, but said that it wasn’t meant for her; the birdie was meant for me alone.
That was the proof I needed to hear so desperately.
My father had taught me to play golf when I was twelve year old. As I grew up, we would play together. When his lung cancer started to weaken him, the first thing that stopped was his golf game. I explained to Millie that I had played golf the previous week. On a par three, I chipped in to get a birdie. In the part of my mind that I had been hearing him for 30 years, I heard him say, “Nice birdie, Ga!”
My normal response to sensing my father had always been, in two parts: First, to my father, ‘Thanks, Dad,’ and second, to myself, that’s what he would say, if he were still here. Now I knew that he truly was still here, watching me play golf, the game I enjoyed and that he had taught me.
Millie continued to bring through more information which I happily validated. After a few more moments, she sat back in her chair and said, “He’s pulling back.” She smiled and repeated how strong my father’s spirit was.
I grabbed a tissue from my desk to wipe my eyes. I felt that there was no way to thank her enough. In those few moments she healed the thirty year old hole in my heart. The power of Dr. Brian Weiss’ book, which would become so instrumental in my spiritual evolution – along with Millie’s reading – truly validated my new found belief in the continuation of consciousness. Once again, my life had changed.
Just then, the back door to the shop opened and Aaron walked into my office. Aaron had worked at the school during his college summer breaks, and knew Millie, but I was surprised to see her return to her altered state.
“He’s back,” was all she said, as that same faraway look came over her again. Aaron looked at the both of us as if we were from another planet.
Millie lifted up her hand, looking at Aaron with her thumb and pinky held up and her other fingers closed, in the hang loose gesture that Hawaiians made popular.
Now addressing Aaron, Millie said, “I don’t know what this means but he is showing this to you and is saying ‘Pay attention to what you are doing’. I don’t know what that means, but he is strongly pointing at you,” as she showed her ‘hang loose’ gesture to Aaron again.
“He really wants you to pay attention…” Then she added quietly, “Now he’s pulling back again.” She took another deep breath and smiled at me. Then she stood up, hugged me and Aaron, and left my shop.
Aaron knew about my metaphysical interests, but seemed to be uncomfortable with the whole concept, and I always tried to contain my passion about it when talking with him. But, after that situation, I knew an explanation was necessary. So after a brief clarification, Aaron understood as I continued, “I guess your grandfather wants you to focus on school more,” I said with a smile.
“I don’t think so,” he said, “Dad, I wasn’t going to tell you, but I was on my cell when I had the accident!”
We both sat quietly for a moment, in order to process what had just happened. It hadn’t been the Hawaiian ‘Hang-loose’ gesture; it was an ‘I was on the phone’ gesture!
My son and I never really followed up on the experience. We just took his car to the auto body shop to be repaired…

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