Fees for Services

Hypnotherapy services

1st session: $200.00 (2-3 hours)
Subsequent sessions: $100.00

A free CD is included with your first private session.

Additional CD’s are available.


Smoking Cessation CLINIC



*If for any reason this group session does not work for you, I will DOUBLE your investment and give you a $150 discount towards the cost of a private session for Smoking Cessation!
AND as an additional BONUS…
Whether you come to a group -OR- private smoking session, you are invited to sit in on any other smoking clinic for FREE as our guest!

Smoking Cessation (Private Session)


I have designed the program from my experience as a 3 pack a day smoker.
“Once the decision to quit is made, smokers in general, don’t want to come back for multiple sessions with a “quit date” a month or more in the future. We want to quit and not drag the process out. That is why my smoking process is one 4 hour session. I work one on one with you, designing the plan for your specific tobacco addiction”

After that session, if you need a follow up session, it is usually an hour and a half and is $100.


A Mediumship Session
$100.00 for a single person
$75.00 each, for 2-3 family members

During a private Mediumship session, you and up to two other family members (I consider very close friends; family), will sit in my office where I will attempt to contact the energy of your loved ones who have passed. Once contacted, I will convey what I receive to you for validations. During the process of a Mediumship reading, I will offer what I percieve as messages to you.

I strongly suggest bringing a digital recorder. The ability to review a Mediumship reading, in private, after you have the time to process the information is important for healing.

When you call, please don’t inform me of who you are looking to connect with or any other information. There is a reason why I am requesting this, and I will explain during our session.

Provision/Disclaimer regarding MEDIUMSHIP for HYP4LIFE llc.

Please note, that in any Mediumship work, there is evidence of information, but there may also be “message” information given to the client/recipient during a personal or public session.
As the evidence part of Mediumship communication stands on its own merit, the message is only an opinion from the communication. It is then one’s own personal responsibility as to the choice that is made based on this message information.
HYP4LIFE llc. holds no responsibility for personal choice.

Corporate and Group Presentations

Fees vary depending on the presentation, please call for more information.

Workshops, Events , Classes and “PRIVATE WORKSHOPS”

Fees vary so call Garry for more information.

Audio CD’s

  • Stress Management, 80 minutes: $18.00
  • Smoking Cessation, 80 minutes: $18.00
  • Weight Management, 90 minutes: $18.00
  • Weight Management, 3 pack, 270 minutes: $33.00

*The Stress Management CD is included with your first private session.
Additional CD’s are also available.

All CD’s are designed to hypnotize you in the comfort of your home.